10 Mar 2020

Consultant Dermatologists at The Devonshire Clinic contribute to research into the use of Nicotinamide in chemoprevention of skin cancer

Keratinocyte cancers are the most common type of skin cancer amongst the light skin popula[...]

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27 Feb 2020

The Devonshire Clinic’s latest contribution to research into skin cancer treatment

It is with great pleasure that we would like to share with you our latest contribution to [...]

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07 Jan 2020

Consumers Warned Over ‘Clean’ Skincare Products

People have been advised to make sure that they properly familiarise themselves with what [...]

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16 Dec 2019

Winter Sun Safety

It’s easy to associate stringent skin protection with the spring and summer months, and al[...]

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01 Dec 2019

8 Winter Skincare Tips For A Healthy Glow

Winter is upon us and as wonderful as this time of year can be, with all those festive par[...]

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17 Oct 2019

Here’s How Best To Apply Your Skincare Products

There are all sorts of different skincare products out there on shop shelves these days, s[...]

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01 Jul 2019

10 Essential Facts About Skin Cancer

Melanoma skin cancer is fifth most common type of cancer in the UK. Cases of melanoma have[...]

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19 Jun 2019

Are Skin Diseases Contagious?

Skin diseases can be contagious or noncontagious and it is sometimes difficult to tell whi[...]

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08 May 2019

A letter to the British Journal of Dermatology

Melanoma is a form of skin cancer. Over the last ten years the management of this condi[...]

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25 Apr 2019

Know Your Skin Type: Know Your Scar

We all know that we should choose beauty products that complement our skin tone, but few o[...]

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04 Jan 2016

Sun protection whilst skiing

Most people don’t realise they are at greater risk of UV damage while skiing than when on the beach. On the slop[...]

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27 Apr 2015

One step nearer to a skin cancer vaccine?

Dr Conal Perrett, Consultant Dermatologist The Devonshire Clinic, comments on an exciting new study showing that[...]

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10 Apr 2015

Holiday sun linked to skin cancer risk

More than 5,700 people in the UK aged 65 and over are now being diagnosed every year with malignant melanoma – t[...]

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20 Mar 2015

Combining Skin Cancer Treatments – London Dermatology

Today, Dr Conal Perrett, a leading skin expert with his own private dermatology clinic London, presents his team[...]

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20 Mar 2015

New skin cancer drug approved – London Dermatology

Fast-tracked through the new Early Access to Medicines Scheme

The new drug, pembrolizumab, has been dev[...]

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12 Mar 2015

Skin Test for Dementia – Dermatologist London

A Skin Test for Dementia Might Be on The Horizon

New research suggests that a simple skin test might be[...]

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24 Jun 2014

Skin cancer – cutting your risk

As a Consultant Dermatologist and specialist Dermatological Surgeon, Dr Conal Perrett treats many cases of skin [...]

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18 Jun 2014

What are cosmeceuticals?

Cosmeceuticals is a portmanteau word for products that combine the effects of both cosmetics and pharmaceuticals[...]

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12 Jun 2014

Are nail lamps a skin cancer risk?

Hardly a week goes by without some sensational story in the media about a new cancer risk or a new carcinogen di[...]

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03 Jun 2014

Mohs microsurgery – a brief history

Mohs micrographic surgery is a precise technique that is used to remove skin cancers such as basal cell car[...]

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