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Cosmetic dermatology is the route followed by those who wish to undergo a dermatological treatment or procedure to cosmetically improve skin health and appearance due to ageing, sun damage or scarring. There is generally no presenting medical need for treatment, however, a scar, deep wrinkles or other skin problem may have an impact on a patients psychological health and well-being.

Cosmetic dermatology – what does it cover?

Cosmetic dermatology covers a broad range of conditions and situations that can have a detrimental impact on how a person looks. These include dealing with blemishes such as:

  • Prominent moles
  • Excessive body or facial hair
  • Unwanted tattoos
  • Birthmarks or ‘port wine stains’

As the skin ages, it naturally loses its elasticity producing the tell-tale signs of advancing years. Cosmetic dermatology can help improve the appearance of:

  • Wrinkles
  • Sagging skin
  • Dull or lack lustre skin
  • Fine lines or crow’s feet

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Why have cosmetic dermatology with a medical dermatologist?

These days, you can obtain many of the cosmetic dermatology treatments mentioned above on the high street in beauty salons or ‘cosmetic’ clinics, so why should you choose to have your cosmetic treatment with the qualified dermatologists The Devonshire Clinic has within its team?

The answer is simple. Consultant Dermatologists are the only specialists who have undergone a rigorous, dedicated training in skin and skin disease (including cosmetic dermatology).

The entry barriers to competitive dermatology training programmes are high. It takes 12-15 years to qualify as a consultant dermatologist in the UK and to be registered on the GMC specialist register for dermatology. Some dermatologists undertake further sub-specialist training in skin surgery and / or a period of research to obtain a higher degree such as a PhD.

Cosmetic dermatologists at The Devonshire Clinic

Our medical director, Dr Conal Perrett and our team of dermatologists have significant expertise and experience in treating skin diseases and medical conditions, which means that they have a much better understanding of the biology of your skin than anyone else delivering these treatments.

The advantages of choosing a medical dermatologist with experience in cosmetic procedures are clear; he or she will have all the knowledge and skills you need to ensure they not only achieve an effective treatment, but also produce a good quality cosmetic result. We will also make certain that you are fully informed about the potential complications of any cosmetic procedures before you proceed.

Cosmetic dermatology treatments

Modern cosmetic dermatology as practiced at The Devonshire Clinic uses the latest techniques and technology to achieve the best possible results.

Cosmetic dermatology treatments available include:

  • Wrinkle injection treatments – purified proteins that paralyse the facial muscles which pull on the skin, reducing wrinkles and fine lines and producing a taut, firm youthful look
  • Laser /IPL rejuvenation – laser or IPL can be used to treat the visible signs of sun damage on the skin including pigmentation, sunspots, thread veins and uneven texture. The skin will look fresher and more reflective of light after treatment
  • Chemical peels – applying chemicals to the skin that will remove the tired looking uppermost layers, softening fine lines and wrinkles, reducing irregular pigmentation and leaving a fresher younger look
  • Fillers – the injection of hyaluronic acid beneath the surface of the skin to reduce wrinkles, furrows and fine lines. They can also be used to add volume and contour areas such as the cheeks and lips
  • Laser skin resurfacing – using precise lasers to destroy the older layers of skin cells on the surface, revealing the newer, fresher looking cells below
  • Platelet rich plasma (PRP) – using your own plasma preparation to help stimulate collagen production and aiding skin rejuvenation
  • Microdermabrasion – an alternative resurfacing technique that removes the outer skin layers using a fine stream of abrasive particles
  • Microneedling – stimulating the skin with tiny needles to treat scars and to help minimise wrinkles and fine lines
  • Laser hair removal – a technique that not only removes unwanted hair, but also kills the hair follicles preventing regrowth
  • Laser tattoo removal – using specific light frequencies to heat up and destroy pigments in the skin

Our Dermatology Specialists

Our team of skin specialists at our dermatology clinic in London have many years of experience in treating patients with skin conditions. We understand your issues and aim to tailor our service so that you feel comfortable and reassured. Learn more about our dermatology consultants below.

Dr Conal Perrett
Consultant Dermatologist
& Dermatological Surgeon

Dr Conal Perrett is a leading Consultant Dermatologist & Dermatologic Surgeon practising at  The Devonshire Clinic. Dr  Perrett has expertise in general Dermatology and a specialist interest in skin cancer and skin surgery, utilising the most advanced high-tech equipment and techniques, including Photodynamic therapy (PDT), lasers and Mohs micrographic surgery.

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Dr Jane McGregor
Consultant Dermatologist

For over 30 years, Dr Jane McGregor has provided expert dermatological care to patients. She has expertise in photobiology, skin cancer, sun allergy and dermatology. Dr Jane McGregor is an internationally recognised specialist in her field of skin cancer and skin disease for organ transplant recipients.

Dr Ian Logan
Consultant Dermatologist and Dermatological Surgeon

Dr Ian Logan specialises in skin lesion diagnosis and removal, skin cancer, skin surgery, Mohs micrographic surgery and general dermatology. Dr Ian Logan has received higher specialist training after completing a fellowship in Mohs Surgery and Advanced Dermatological Surgery at Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Trust.

Dr Elizabeth Kulakov
Consultant Dermatologist and Dermatological Surgeon

Dr Elizabeth Kulakov is the Skin Cancer Lead at  University College London Hospital NHS Trust. Dr Elizabeth Kulakov specialises in skin cancer, skin surgery, Mohs micrographic surgery and general dermatology.

Dr Rachel Sidwell
Consultant Dermatologist

Dr Rachel Sidwell is a highly experienced Consultant Dermatologist. Whilst she consults on all skin issues including skin cancers and general Dermatology, she has special expertise in paediatric dermatology.

Shahme Farook
Consultant Head and Neck/Reconstruction and Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

Shahme Farook is a Consultant Head and Neck/Reconstruction and Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon at Northwick Park Hospital.

Dr Daniel O’Driscoll
consultant dermatologist

Dr Daniel O’Driscoll is a consultant dermatologist with an NHS practice at Hammersmith Hospital, part of Imperial Healthcare NHS Trust. He trained at Oxford University Medical School, undertaking an intercalated MA in Medical Sciences.

Dr Ashley Spencer
Consultant Dermatologist

Dr Ashley Spencer is ranked first nationally for entrance into dermatology training which has earned her a place on the North London Dermatology Training Programme. Dr Ashley Spencer specialises in many treatments for skin conditions, especially skin manifestations of connective tissue disease, including lupus. As a member of the Royal Society of Medicine, the British Association of Dermatologists and the British Society for the Study of vulval disease, Dr Ashley Spencer has access to the latest information about dermatology.

Mr Jonathan Dunne
Consultant Plastic Surgeon

Mr Jonathan Dunne is a Consultant Plastic Surgeon with nearly 15 years of experience. He is a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons (Plastic Surgery), specialising in skin cancer, facial plastic surgery, and head and neck surgery.

Second Opinions

When you are faced with difficult medical choices or uncertainty and you want clarity about your diagnosis and the treatment that you will receive, then getting a second opinion from a private doctor can help put your mind at rest.

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