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Proven treatments for verrucae and warts of all sizes, including large warts and wart clusters

What Are Warts/verrucae?

Warts are small growths of hard skin on the skin. They occur because the skin is infected with the human papilloma virus (HPV). Skin cells infected by this virus overproduce keratin, a skin protein that is very tough. The mound of keratin hardens into a typical raised white scaly lump. Hand warts sometimes go away by themselves without treatment. When a wart occurs on the sole of the foot it is usually called a verruca. They can sometimes be difficult to treat.

When the body becomes immune to HPV, the wart or verruca disappears. This generally takes about two years from when the wart or verruca first appears. In very rare circumstances, some people develop a large cluster of very large warts. This may indicate a problem with the immune system, which needs to be investigated.

What are Verrucas?

Verrucas are small growths of hard skin on the sole of the foot that develop because the skin is infected with HPV, also known as the human papilloma virus. You can catch verrucas, but they are not spread very easily. The HPV virus that causes them can spread in damp conditions, such as changing rooms and swimming pools.

Verrucas tend to be more deep-seated within the fleshier sole of the foot and they can cause discomfort or pain when walking, running or standing. Many verrucas are treated because they can cause more severe symptoms.

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Treating Warts

Our Consultant Dermatologists are highly experienced at treating all variety of skin growths, including warts/verrucae of any size and shape. If you are concerned about a wart/verruca or wish to have one removed, our specialists can provide effective options for treatment and removal.

What To Expect At Your Wart Consultation

  • Your consultation will typically begin with your specialist examining the wart/verruca to see whether further testing, such as a biopsy, is recommended. Should a more serious condition be suspected, your specialist will give you detailed advice on what to do next.
  • If testing is not required, but you wish to have the wart removed for cosmetic reasons, your specialist will advise you on the best available options for your specific circumstances.
  • We will ensure you understand the procedure, the costs involved and have the opportunity to ask any questions that you may have

Recommended Wart Treatments

Contrary to popular belief, freezing is only one of several options available to remove your wart/verruca. Our Consultant Dermatologists are highly qualified skin experts and can recommend the best option for removing your wart/verruca safely and with minimal risk of scarring.


The wart or verruca can be frozen by liquid nitrogen that is applied directly to the skin of the growth. It may take several sessions for the wart to disappear.

Salicylic acid

Many over-the-counter preparations are available with varying strengths and varying levels of effectiveness. Treatment can take 12 weeks and can be difficult to keep up. This method of treatment is most useful for lesions but larger warts and verrucae may require more aggressive treatment such as cryotherapy, laser or surgery.


Larger warts or verrucae may require surgery if they fail to respond to other treatments such as cryotherapy and salicylic acid.

Laser surgery

Warts and verrucae can be treated using lasers as an alternative to traditional surgery. Lasers cut and cauterise wounds with minimal blood loss and scarring.

Treating Verrucas

Whether you’re suffering from a single verruca or a painful cluster of verrucas, our team of expert dermatologists can help. We have extensive experience treating verrucas and our treatments are proven to be effective – they will help with the pain and remove the growth if required.

What To Expect At Your Verruca Consultation

  • Your specialist will usually start by examining your verruca to determine whether there might be a deeper problem with your immune system since they are caused by the body’s reaction to HPV.
  • Your specialist may recommend a biopsy, where a section of the verruca is surgically removed to be tested. If so, they will discuss all the options clearly with you so that you can make an informed decision.
  • If there is no need for a biopsy, your specialist will recommend the best options for treating your verruca and provide answers to any of your questions or concerns.

Recommended Verruca Treatments

Verrucas can be painful, especially when walking or running. Fortunately, one of our qualified skin specialists can provide suitable options for managing the pain and removing the verruca quickly, safely and effectively.

Salicylic Acid

This active ingredient is often found in verruca creams and gels. It removes the dead layers of skin, then triggers the immune system to work against the virus. Salicylic-based creams, gels or paints are available over the counter, and often take around twelve weeks of regular application to work.


Cryotherapy involves the application of liquid nitrogen to the verruca, which is usually performed via a spray. This treatment is best performed by a qualified specialist.


Surgery may be needed to remove the verruca if it is large enough and if other forms of treatment are not achieving the required results.

Available Warts & Verrucae Removal Treatments

Cryotherapy Treatment London

Cryotherapy is a common treatment used to remove skin lesions by freezing them with liquid nitrogen.

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