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What are Skin Allergies?

Skin allergies typically cause itchy, red skin, which can also swell or weep. Not only are skin allergies physically uncomfortable, but their effects are also visible and can be particularly embarrassing if they are on exposed areas such as the face or hands. Around a quarter of people in the UK experience the symptoms of a skin allergy at some point in their lives.

An allergic reaction occurs when a substance (the allergen) that you eat, breathe or touch triggers an immune response in your body. Some people are more sensitive than others to common allergens such as pollen, nickel and dust mites. Whether or not you are allergic to something depends on your genes and when and how you have been exposed to that substance in the past.

There are four main types of skin allergy:

  • Allergic contact dermatitis – contact with an irritant or allergen causes a reaction that leaves itchy, red patches on the skin, which can become dry and cracked. This type of skin allergy is very common. Find out more about dermatitis.
  • Urticaria (hives) – raised red and white bumps that can occur anywhere on the face and body and that can last up to six weeks but that often disappear within 24 hours. Commonly occurs because of a food allergy.
  • Angioedema – this is a more serious reaction to an allergen, which leads to swelling in the deeper layers of the skin and sometimes in the airways. Angioedema often occurs with hives. It can be hard to determine the cause of angioedema, but allergy testing may help to identify a trigger allergen.

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Treating Skin Allergies

We are a team of highly experienced consultant dermatologists. Based in our private Harley Street clinic, we have treated hundreds of patients with any variety of skin conditions. Many years of combined expertise and the latest diagnostic technologies allow us to treat all types of skin allergies quickly and effectively.

What to expect from your skin allergy consultation

  • A skin specialist will take your medical history and learn more about how the allergy affects you. The latest diagnostics technology can help us to identify the specific triggers for your allergic reaction.
  • Your Consultant will then recommend the most effective treatments for your condition, including symptom management.
  • Your Consultant will give you detailed information on the proposed treatment and the costs involved so that you are always in control.

Recommended Skin Allergy Treatments

Our treatments are proven to be effective for relieving the symptoms of skin allergies. A range of options are available for all types of skin allergy, from mild cases to more severe reactions. The exact treatment recommended to you will depend on your consultation and on the results of our comprehensive skin allergy testing.

Avoiding allergens

Part of the treatment is simply to avoid any allergens causing your reactions. That is why we provide a full and comprehensive skin allergy testing using the latest diagnostic technologies to identify the irritants that are causing your allergic reaction.

Creams, gels or washes

Once you know the allergens you are sensitive to, part of the allergy treatment will be to avoid them, but you may also need creams, gels or washes to calm the skin and allow it to heal.

Why use the Devonshire Clinic?

If you suffer from skin allergies and have not been able to identify the cause or find an effective way to manage the symptoms, our skin specialists can help you. We are experienced and established consultant dermatologists with access to the latest skin allergy testing. We can identify your allergens and recommend treatment for reducing and managing your symptoms.

Skin allergies are uncomfortable and can have a significant impact on your life, especially if they are a cause of embarrassment. However severe your reaction is, whatever you have been told, we can identify the causes. Contact us now to arrange a consultation and receive the treatment you require.


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