Consumers Warned Over ‘Clean’ Skincare Products

People have been advised to make sure that they properly familiarise themselves with what constitutes a so-called clean range of skincare products before they spend their money, as it may be that they’re not necessarily better or safer than traditional products.

An editorial in JAMA Dermatology, reported on by Reuters, suggests that descriptions of products as “natural” or “clean aren’t regulated, so many items may contain high concentrations of ingredients that could lead to allergies and irritation.

The definition of ‘clean’ can be open to interpretation but it’s generally viewed as being a way of saying that something is free from ingredients that could be a cause for concern. But because there is no standardised definition, different brands and different people can interpret ‘clean’ in their own way.

Report authors Dr Bruce Brod, dermatologist with the University of Pennsylvania, and dermatologist Dr Courtney Blair Rubin explained that they had noticed a trend in recent years of people coming to them with allergic reactions to natural beauty products, such as contact dermatitis and itchy rashes.

These conditions have been linked to natural or botanical ingredients in beauty products, Dr Brod confirmed. “Many of these products are marketed and sold to consumers who are misled to think the products are superior. We support free enterprise but want to make sure patients have all the available knowledge at their fingertips and choose products with their eyes wide open,” he went on to say.

Dr Brod also noted that the commercial personal care products industry is held to high standards, explaining that products are created to stop adverse reactions from happening, with preservatives and synthetic ingredients intended to prevent such complications.

So-called miracle skincare products come onto the market all the time but it’s important that you know your skin type and what you may or may not respond to before you buy. It’s also important to familiarise yourself with the ingredients in certain products so you can make informed decisions and not risk damaging your skin.

Speaking to a qualified and reputable dermatologist is the first step to ensuring that you are investing in the right kind of products for you and your skin. A good dermatologist will be able to advise you on the different treatments available to you as well as recommending a good home skincare regime.

There are numerous options available, from wrinkle injections, laser/IPL rejuvenation (to treat signs of sun damage on the skin like thread veins, pigmentation and uneven texture) to chemical peels, microneedling and laser skin resurfacing.

The team of expert dermatologists here at The Devonshire Clinic have extensive experience in treating skin diseases and medical conditions, so they have a deep understanding of the biology of your skin. We have the necessary expertise to deliver the most effective treatments while optimising the cosmetic outcome.

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