Quick and safe cyst removal by private skin consultants

  • Effective cyst removal under local anaesthetic with minimal scarring
  • Treatment from leading Consultant Dermatologists & Plastic Surgeons
  • Proven removal procedure reduces the risk of the cyst returning

What are Cysts?

Epidermoid or Pilar cysts are small, semi-spherical lump just under the skin. They are not painful and do not produce fluid or pus. Anyone can develop cysts and they can occur on any part of the body – epidermoid cysts are those that appear on the face, upper body and neck while Pilar cysts tend to occur on the scalp. They are usually harmless.

Many cysts are small and go away of their own accord, though some can grow to be quite large and become problematic by catching on clothing or combs, for instance. If cysts are scratched too much they may become infected cysts and cause soreness and irritation.

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Treating Cysts

If you are looking to have an epidermoid or Pilar cyst removed, book a consultation to see a Consultant Dermatologist at our private Harley Street clinic. Our experienced skin specialists can remove cysts quickly and safely using a local anaesthetic.

What to expect from your Cyst consultation

  • Our Consultants will examine and assess any cysts that you have and can then remove them under local anaesthetic.
  • You will be kept informed of all costs relating to the procedure, and you will have plenty of opportunities to ask questions before we proceed. You will be in complete control of your treatment.

Recommended Cyst treatments

We remove cysts through a straightforward and minor surgical procedure. It is designed to provide an effective solution with minimal scarring and any soreness easily managed by over-the-counter pain relief medication.

After surgery the skin will not be raised in the same way so will no longer be visible or an irritation. We also ensure that the cyst and the cyst lining is removed as this helps to prevent the cyst re-growing later.

If the cyst has become infected, the skin around it may become red and the cyst may feel sore or itchy. The cyst may burst, releasing yellowish pus. If this then resolves the problem and the cyst heals quickly, it may not need removal. However, if a cyst is infected and does not heal, or repeated infections occur, removal is the best option.

Before you have a removal procedure, you may need antibiotics to clear up any infections first.

Why use the Devonshire Clinic?

Cyst removal is generally a routine procedure, but it can cause irritation depending on where you have it. As one of London’s leading skin clinics, we can remove your cyst with minimal disruption. Procedures are usually under local anaesthetic to minimise pain and a positive cosmetic outcome is always our primary goal.

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