Mole checks

Expert mole testing and removal by experienced dermatologists

  • Comprehensive mole screening provided by leading skin specialists
  • Private testing for melanoma with fast and accurate diagnosis
  • Quick and simple mole removal under local anaesthetic

What are Moles?

Moles are small growths on the skin, usually black or brown, that can vary considerably in size, colour and shape. Benign moles are harmless but can cause discomfort, for instance, if they catch on your clothes, or they are a source of embarrassment. In either case, moles can be safely removed from the body through a straightforward procedure, usually under local anaesthetic.

There may be an issue if you notice any significant changes in a mole’s appearance. If you have a mole that has grown, changed colour or started to itch, bleed or weep, your dermatologist may advise that it is removed and tested to find out if it is cancerous. This is routine and does not mean that you have skin cancer.

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Treating Moles

If you are worried about a mole, or simply looking to have a benign mole removed, make an appointment to see one of our Consultant Dermatologists at our private clinic in Harley Street. We are a team of leading skin experts highly experienced in diagnosing and removing moles.

What to expect from your Mole consultation

  • Initially, your specialist will examine the mole and determine whether a biopsy is recommended. If so, your specialist will explain their recommendation and detail any associated costs to you.
  • If a biopsy is not required but you wish to have the mole removed for cosmetic purposes, your specialist will discuss your requirements with you and make a recommendation based on your individual circumstances.
  • You will be informed of any costs at every stage of the process.

Recommended Mole treatments

There are many options when it comes to removing moles, and your tailored treatment will depend on your individual circumstances. If you wish to proceed with mole removal, our skin specialists will typically recommend one of two procedures:

Shave Removal

If the cells of the mole are all relatively near the surface of the skin, one of our dermatologists will anaesthetise the area, then use a scalpel to ‘shave’ the mole away. After its removal, most patients will be left with a small pink mark on the skin.


If the mole has cells that are further beneath the skin’s surface, excision (cutting) may be a better option. Again, a local anaesthetic is applied to the skin, then the mole and the surrounding skin are cut away. A few small stitches may be required after this procedure.

Available Mole checks Treatments

Mole Removal

If you have a mole that has grown, changed colour or started to bleed or weep, your dermatologist may advise that i[...]

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Why use the Devonshire Clinic?

If you are concerned about a mole, or if you wish to have a mole removed for cosmetic purposes, you should choose a skin specialist with the appropriate level of expertise. We are highly qualified and experienced dermatologists. Whether you are looking for a test or removal, whatever the issue is, we can provide an advanced service with effective treatments and expert advice.


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