Your Guide to Using WebMD as a Medical Resource in London

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A private dermatology clinic specialising in medical and cosmetic dermatology, The Devonshire Clinic is dedicated to listening to our patients’ concerns and finding effective solutions. Whether you’ve been diagnosed with skin cancer or need to have a skin mole removed, you likely want to know where you can find reliable information about your condition, diagnosis, and treatment options. One valuable medical resource we usually refer our London-area patients to is WebMD. WebMD content is credible and often updated by experienced healthcare professionals, so you can feel confident browsing it.

Who Is Behind the Content Found on WebMD?

WebMD focuses on bringing users content from award-winning medicine and health communication experts. You can find tools for managing your healthcare and support from an online community of knowledgeable healthcare professionals among the site’s many resources. WebMD’s mission is to help people find essential medical information, support, and services from credible sources to enrich their lives and help them make informed decisions about their healthcare. It also seeks to ensure web content is engaging and entertaining to encourage users to return for more.

What Sort of Information Can Be Found on WebMD?

Full-time staff and regular WebMD contributors provide and update healthcare articles for the public, a medical references database, interactive tools, live web events, and more. Senior medical and editorial staff is comprised of board-certified physicians and seasoned healthcare journalists dedicated to bringing you the best and most accurate health information on various topics. Users can search by health topic or look for reputable doctors or dentists near them for diagnosis and treatment. Over eight million physicians have been rated and reviewed on WebMD, with this number ever expanding!

Health topics covered on the site range from allergies to heart disease, diabetes, skin cancer, sleep disorders, pregnancy, parenting, and even pet care essentials. There are articles on living healthy through fitness and exercise, recipes, oral care, and more. The Devonshire Clinic’s patients may find the answers they’re seeking in WebMD’s Skin Problems & Treatments Resource Center. Popular skincare topics of interest include acne, psoriasis, eczema, shingles, hives, cold sores, boils, and skin tag removal. You can find informative articles on any topic, whether you have dry, itchy skin or blocked hair follicles.

Why Is WebMD a Trustworthy Clinical Resource?

Board-certified physicians and experienced journalists are behind WebMD’s editorial content and graphics. Credentials are reviewed and verified by a third party before content is published. Information on the site seeks to be objective and timely. This website has received numerous industry awards and recognition over the years for its in-depth medical news, reference materials, and online community efforts. Occasionally, mistakes happen due to human error. However, WebMD is committed to correcting and clarifying inaccurate information as quickly as possible whenever the need arises. You can count on WebMD for the most up-to-date skincare treatment information from qualified experts.

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The Devonshire Clinic strives to offer first-class patient care in central London. Our private dermatology clinic utilises state-of-the-art medical technology and techniques. We offer everything from mole and skin lump removal to scar treatment, private cyst removal, laser skin treatments, microneedling, dermal filler treatments, chemical skin peels, PRP treatments, and IPL and laser hair removal. We also specialise in biopsies and skin cancer treatments and surgery. Whether you have an issue with acne or eczema, our caring staff is here to help. We not only diagnose and treat various skin conditions, but we also help prevent them by promoting good skincare and healthy lifestyle choices. If you’re looking for an experienced dermatologist in the London area, please contact us today to schedule a consultation!

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