Your Guide to Using NHS & NHS Inform as London Resources

Take Control of Your Health: Explore Health Topics From A-Z

The Devonshire Clinic believes in the importance of educating our London-area patients to make better-informed decisions about their health. You can take better control of your health and wellbeing this year by browsing informative articles on the NHS and NHS Inform websites. Their Health A to Z section offers a complete guide to various health conditions, including their symptoms, treatments, and knowing when to seek medical help. Learn more about how your prescription medicines work, possible side effects, and more in their useful Medicines A to Z section. Our dermatologists are here for you, but it’s also comforting to know you can access online information from credible health professionals.

Who Is Behind the Content on NHS & NHS Inform?

NHS (National Health Service) is the UK’s most comprehensive health website, with over 50 million monthly visits. Scottish patients can access NHS Inform. Both websites aim to improve health and care outcomes by improving the public’s healthcare experiences, reducing pressure on frontline services, and ensuring healthcare services are more efficient and available for all. The NHS website is funded by the Department of Health and Social Care, with content commissioned by NHS England and delivered by NHS Digital. For your protection and peace of mind, the content is peer-reviewed and must be signed off by a member of the NHS Digital clinical assurance team to ensure its safety and accuracy before being published. NHS Inform works with the Scottish government’s policy teams and organisations to provide fact-checking and sign-off. Unsolicited freelanced content is not accepted.

What Type of Information Can You Find on the NHS Websites?

NHS websites contain a wealth of healthcare-related information, news, events, and national health campaigns. Users can access various health conditions, symptoms, treatments, risk factors, and tips for self-care and prevention. You can find tips for living well on almost any physical or mental health topic, including how to eat a balanced diet, quit smoking, maintain a healthy weight, wellbeing and breathing exercises, social care and support, physical exercise guidelines, sample workouts, mental health services, mental health rights, and more. You can find info about any of the NHS’ services, including how to find and register a local GP, where to get urgent help, order prescriptions, and get referrals to NHS hospitals and physicians. There are even details about applying for healthcare coverage abroad for those moving or needing treatment outside the UK.

Why Are NHS & NHS Inform Credible Medical Resources?

NHS data is available to the public, and more than 2,000 organisations trust and share its online content. Content is published, syndicated, and downloaded by various clinics, GP practices, hospitals, dentists, pharmacies, and social care locations. Individuals also trust NHS content to be up-to-date, accurate, clinically safe, and evidence-based because the NHS websites are committed to maintaining the highest editorial and ethical standards. Content is objective and trustworthy and ranges from written articles to videos, interactive tools, and images. Users’ needs are always considered when creating content, with feedback used to learn and improve the websites. Content is updated and evaluated often to identify development areas and ensure accuracy.

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