Skin Lump Removal


Throughout our life, a number of lumps and bumps can appear on our skin. Thankfully, the vast majority of these are not serious. Examples of harmless skin growths include skin tags, lipomas, cysts and benign moles. Sometimes, these may catch on clothing, itch, feel uncomfortable or just look unsightly. If this happens, it is possible to have these growths removed by a simple procedure usually performed under local anaesthetic.

Whether cosmetic or medical, we can provide the removal of skin lumps and lesions at our clinic in London.

Skin surgery techniques

A number of techniques can be used to remove a skin lump or lesion.

  • Shave excision. Also known as tangential excision. Lesions that sit above the skin are shaved level with the skin surface
  • Punch excision. A circular blade is used to remove a cylinder shaped section of the skin. This can be used to remove all of the problem area or to take a sample for analysis
  • Curettage. A curved blade is used to scoop out lesions which penetrate the skin
  • Elliptical excision. An elliptical section of skin around the lesion is cut out using a scalpel. This technique helps the skin to heal more easily

Is removal painful?

Whatever method is used, you will be given a local anaesthetic before the surgery to numb the area completely. Over-the-counter painkillers are usually all that you need to cope with any soreness of the next few days.

As with all forms of minor surgery, there is a small risk of infection. If the area around where the lesion has been removed starts to feel sore and swollen, make an urgent appointment with your Dermatologist to have it checked as soon as possible.10

Skin lump removal at The Devonshire Clinic

Our Consultant Dermatologists, Dermatological Surgeons and Plastic Surgeons can remove skin lumps for medical or cosmetic reasons and we have access to histology facilities to check for the presence of cancer in any tissue that has been removed.



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