Cyst Removal


Pilar cysts and epidermoid cysts (sometimes called sebaceous cysts), can be removed by our consultants in our Harley Street clinic.

Epidermoid cysts are those that appear on the face, upper body and neck while pilar cysts tend to occur on the scalp.

Why would I need cyst removal?

Neither pilar or epidermoid cysts pose a danger to your health. However, there are some circumstances in which our dermatologists would suggest you have a cyst removed:

  • If the cyst constantly catches on your comb, hairbrush or clothes. This irritation can cause the cyst to become inflamed or even infected.
  • If any cyst becomes infected.
  • If a cyst is interfering with your confidence. Cysts on the face may fall into this category.

What happens when a cyst becomes infected?

Usually an epidermoid or pilar cyst is a small, semi-spherical lump just under the skin. It is not painful and it does not produce fluid or pus.

If the cyst becomes infected, the skin around it becomes red and the cyst may feel sore or itchy. The cyst may burst, releasing yellowish pus, which can smell unpleasant.

If this then resolves the problem and the cyst heals quickly, it may not need further treatment. However, if a cyst is infected and does not heal, or repeated infections occur, cyst removal is the best option.

Before you have this procedure, you may need antibiotics to clear up the infection first.

What does cyst removal involve?

Our consultants can examine and assess any cysts that you have and can then remove them under local anaesthetic.

The cyst removal techniques are surgical and you will be left with a small scar. However, the skin will not be raised in the same way so will not catch.

We ensure that the cyst and the cyst lining is removed as this helps to prevent the cyst regrowing at a later date.

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