Our Approach


The Devonshire Clinic is a patient-focused private dermatology clinic. We treat all our patients as individuals, listening to their symptoms and worries as well as conducting a thorough physical examination. Your first consultation may be followed by specific diagnostic tests to find out more about your skin condition.


(Dr Conal Perrett discussing a case with one of the clinic’s nursing staff)

The diagnostic facilities used by The Devonshire Clinic are in the same building as our consultation rooms. Patients can often have the necessary tests, including skin biopsies, later the same day, and then return for a short follow up meeting to discuss their results.

Our approach does not change whether you are coming to see us for a medical or a cosmetic issue. Our expertise, gained through years of experience as busy NHS dermatologists, underpins all our investigations and treatments.

Skin damage and ageing

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your skin and concerned about the signs of ageing, we can offer you an expert consultation to determine the extent of skin damage you have. We can then advise which treatments will provide the greatest benefit in your case.

If you go on to have one or more of our cosmetic treatments, such as a facial skin peel, wrinkle injections or laser treatment to rejuvenate your skin, your treatment is delivered by our Consultant Dermatologists.

Our years of training and experience means that we know your skin inside out and if you experience any problems or have any worries about your treatment or your skin in general, you are in the best hands.

Worried about your skin?

If you are coming to us with a medical problem, we have the latest, evidence-based diagnostic technology and the medical expertise to reach a fast and accurate conclusion. Treatment can then begin without delay.

In addition to the widely accepted therapies for common skin conditions, we also diagnose and treat rare complaints and can also offer access to the latest therapies, including some drugs and techniques not yet available within the National Health Service.

I can't recommend this clinic highly enough. The treatment I received for my skin cancer was first class

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