Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatment

The Devonshire Skin Clinic provides PRP treatments at our private skin clinic in the Harley Street area of London. Platelet rich plasma treatment is used medically to stimulate healing and to treat muscle injury, joint pain and osteoarthritis. PRP therapy is used to stimulate skin regeneration and produce more collagen, producing a firmer, plumper skin tone.

PRP is a safe treatment because it uses platelets that are derived from a sample of your own blood. It is freshly prepared each time and the blood sample required in small, similar to that usually taken for a standard blood test with your GP.

How is platelet rich plasma prepared?

A sample of your blood is taken by one of our highly trained nurses. Typically, we need about 20ml. This is spun down in a centrifuge to separate the larger red and white blood cells from the smaller platelets, which collect in the plasma layer.

Having a PRP treatment

The freshly made platelet-rich plasma preparation is then expertly injected into problem areas of skin using a very fine needle. As you would expect, the introduction of fluid does cause some swelling and you may feel a warm sensation during the treatment.

The treated area may be swollen and red or even bruised for a few days afterwards.

The growth factors released work within the skin to rejuvenate and refresh it over the coming days and weeks.

We usually recommend a series of PRP treatments, typically three to four sessions spaced a month apart. The stimulation of new collagen takes about 12 weeks so the improvement in your skin will not be instant. The positive effects build up over the weeks and months of your treatment and then last for about two years.

Maintenance PRP treatments are available and can help keep your skin feeling and looking soft, supple and more youthful in the longer term.

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