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Choosing a Credible Dermatologist

Post on June 21, 2018

A good dermatologist can help with acne, improve the appearance of your skin, and offer preventative skin cancer measures. However, in the UK there are is not a rigorous set of legal criteria dermatologists have to meet before they can begin practicing. It is therefore imperative that you choose your dermatologist carefully to ensure they are qualified to offer treatment advice.

Check Their Credentials

Before you settle on a clinic, check the clinic and your dermatologist possess the necessary credentials. Your clinic should be registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC), the independent healthcare watchdog for both the NHS and the private sector. It should also be registered to the Independent Healthcare Advisory Service (IHAS), the government endorsed service to monitor the standards of aesthetic and cosmetic treatment and surgery.

You can check the credentials of individual doctors on the General Medical Council (GMC) website. If they are not on the GMC register, they aren’t a qualified doctor. There is also a specialist register, where you can validate that your doctor has completed special dermatological training. A specialised dermatologist should be on both registers.

If you are having a cosmetic procedure done, your doctor may be on the British Cosmetic Dermatology Group website. There are also additional specialist certifications available for dermatologists who specialise in paediatric dermatology, dermatological immunology, and dermatopathology. If you are visiting a dermatologist for a specific treatment of prevention strategy, you might want to see if any dermatologists near you specialise in the treatments you need.

Find Out What Treatment Products They Use

Find out if your dermatologist clinic uses MHRA-approved treatment products. The UK authority approves specific laser, injectable, and peel treatments. A credible clinic will offer regulated, credible products.

Research How Long the Clinic Has Been Operating

New clinics pop up all the time, but often have limited capital and do not have access to the latest equipment and treatment methods. A clinic which is well-established indicates a wealth of experience and should have access to the modern treatment technologies, products, and equipment.

Find Someone with a Good Reputation

You can read the reviews of most clinics online. Look for a clinic that has consistently high reviews posted by people of the same gender as you. Men and women require slightly different treatments. You want to find a dermatologist that is experienced and skilled in handling patients of your gender.

Reviews can also be helpful for getting a feel for the dermatologist’s ‘bedside manner’. The relationship between you and your dermatologist could be a lasting one if you start on a treatment plan which requires regular visits. You want someone who is going to listen to you, answer your questions, and find the best course of treatment for your specific skin care needs. Therefore, it is important you find a dermatologist with a warm and approachable attitude.

It is worth putting in the time to find an outstanding dermatologist. When you find a good dermatologist you trust, you can begin building a lasting relationship with them, secure in the knowledge that they have your best interests at heart. This peace of mind makes all the time spent carrying out research worthwhile.

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